Treatment of seborrheic dermatitis

An important fact in this context: Particularly favorable clothing, especially the 90% import of textiles, contain dyes that are not always approved in Germany and are particularly bad for our skin. An example best shampoo for dermatitis here are yellow, blue and red dyes anthraquinone and azothraquinone, which are put together to color textiles in black. In cheap clothes, the chemical residues are particularly high and thus the risk of skin irritation is higher.

Additives such as resins, antimicrobiotics, bleaching or softening agents can also lead to skin problems. These chemicals are most commonly used to make clothing look less wrinkled and more persistent. This also impregnates clothing against ironing.

Ultimately, additives such as polyester, nylon or acrylic can be crucial for skin intolerance. Finally, these are chemically generated.

Only very rarely do the textile fibers of the clothing do not. They are usually the chemical additives such as dyes, which cause problems on the skin. treatment of seborrheic dermatitis Not to be neglected is that applications made of nickel can also irritate the skin in people with nickel incompatibilities or could damage the skin due to friction through buttons or labels.

Skin Injury - Causes:

    Ingredients for the treatment of natural textiles
    chemical residues in favorable clothing
    tight clothing
    chemical additives for reinforcing textiles
    chemically produced additives such as polyester, nylon or acrylic
    Applications made of nickel

Signs of skin intolerance by clothes

In the intolerance of clothing on the skin, as with almost other types of contact energy, the typical itching occurs. In addition, the affected areas may appear reddish. In worse cases, the spots can then be placed as eczema. In the long term cure seborrheic dermatitis, the skin becomes so weakened and more susceptible to further illnesses or injuries. This can permanently damage the epidermis or, in the case of minor injuries, bacteria, fungi or viruses will find their way to the top of the Upper Alps.

Skin Injury - Signs:

    Strong itching
    red spots or sublime eczema
    Weakening of the epidermis
    Susceptibility to injuries and other skin diseases

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